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Lattix 12 introduces architecture heatmaps, a new Axivion module for C/C++ and C# and SmartTest which helps with increasing unit test code coverage.

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Architecture Heatmaps

Lattix 12.0 now allows you to import data/metrics from other tools (static analysis, unit testing etc) and display them in the Dependency Structure Matrix as color. This allows you to quickly find hotspots or problem areas in your architecture and then use our impact reports to prioritize and estimate coding and testing efforts.

Architecture Heatmap

Axivion Project Details

Axivion Module

The Axivion module is a new way to import C/C++ or C# dependencies into Lattix using the Axivion Bauhaus Suite. The Axivion module also allows you to import Axivion data such as AUTOSAR or Misra violations into Lattix which can then be viewed in the architecture as part of the architecture heatmap. The combination of Lattix and Axivion is an excellent solution for bug detection and architecture analysis.

Test Architect

Test Architect combines automated unit testing and architectural data to prioritize testing. Test Architect allows you to find the files which have the highest chance of producing bugs. This allows you to quickly improve code coverage and understand the change impact of failed tests. You can also create unit test projects and import coverage data that can be view in the architecture heatmap.

Test Architect

Additional improvements

  • Updated Lattix Web tomcat server to address security issues
  • New json format data exporter
  • Understand module now has option to support CountLineCode instead of CountLine
  • ldcget error message now displayed on console
  • Lattix now uses OpenJDK
  • LattixWeb startup script now had configurable user/startup location

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occasional NullPointer when creating CAD
  • Fixed occasional NullPointer exception loading manual dependencies
  • Fixed lxbuild running out of heap space for large files
  • Fixed Compound projects not working with manual atoms.
  • Fixed tarjan calculation gives StackOverflowError
  • Fixed bug with tag dropdown not working on Mac
  • Fixed too narrow combobox on toolbar
  • Fixed edit tag so user can rename the tag