Lattix and Parasoft have integrated Parasoft’s comprehensive Parasoft C/C++test automated software testing tool suite with Lattix Architect, enabling powerful new capabilities and use cases for our joint customers who need to achieve compliance to safety-critical standards.

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Use Cases

CI DevOps Pipelines

Software delivery pipeline automation coupled with Lattix expert services provides embedded safety-critical software development organizations a stable, scalable, and comprehensive DevOps workflow. This collaboration seamlessly enables teams to manage software architecture, software quality, and drive testing to comply with safety-critical standards.

Lattix - Parasoft DevOps integration

Heat Map

Aggregate code coverage, static analysis and architecture findings into one holistic view of code quality. See all the critical quality data through the perspective of the architecture in the HeatMap, which is automatically produced and presented in the Gitlab Merge Request. This enables critical decisions to be made regarding whether to merge defective code coming in from a feature branch.

Lattix Dependency Structure Matrix Heatmap

Impact Analysis

Perform impact analysis on a defect, to see what files and packages are affected by a fault in the software.

Changed Based Testing

Perform Change Based Testing by analyzing the impact of code changes and re triggering only those unit and integration level tests affected by the changes.

Control and Data Flow Analysis

Perform Control and Data Flow Analysis using both static and dynamic techniques for the verification of the software architectural design required by ISO 26262.

ISO 26262 Software Architecture Compliance

Control and Data Coupling Analysis

Perform Control and Data Coupling Analysis using a unique approach combining architecture information from Lattix with dynamica test and coverage data from Parasoft C/C++ test.

Lattix - Parasoft Integration Workflow

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