Achieve Faster Compliance to ISO 26262 With Lattix and Parasoft in a GitLab CI Pipeline

Webinars: February 10th 13:00 EST & Feb 11th 11:00 CET

Is your compliance the hardest longest and most manual step in your configuration and release process?

In this live demonstration, Lattix will feature an innovative approach to merge quality code faster. By delivering the Part 6 compliance artifacts in the Merge Request, you can eliminate technical debt and automate the generation of the necessary reports.

Functional safety managers, software development and quality engineers, software architects, and DevOps engineers will learn how to:

  • Automatically achieve compliance and meet data/coupling analysis requirements, and the important role software architecture plays.
  • Automate static analysis for AUTOSAR and MISRA, unit testing, structural code coverage, and requirements traceability to identify gaps in testing to requirements.
  • Use infrastructure as code in CI pipelines to generate work products for Part 6 up to ASIL D.Leverage open source software safely and securely.
  • Reduce the time to release the product with one line of code change (the NULL release) walking through a true-to-life use case.