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Techmatrix is a total solution and advanced technology provider for the IT development industry in Japan. It has more than 10 years of experience as a provider of tools, solutions, and professional services for software quality improvement. Techmatrix resells Lattix products and provides services for Lattix customers throughout Japan.



Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Baltics

The best technologies for safe and secure embedded software development. Nohau Solutions AB was founded in Sweden in 1981, and has been supplying professional development solutions to Europe’s embedded industry ever since. Nohau has helped over 2000 organizations find a solution that reduces the costs and increases the quality in software development and testing.

valbrio software and services


United Kingdom

Valbrio is a UK based company that provides ‘best in class’ products and services to help software developers build more reliable, maintainable, safer and secure software. Valbrio provides a high level of technical capability to provide local support, assistance and training to its customers ensuring they maximize the benefit of the software and deliver a return on their investment.

Emenda Software and Services

Emenda UK

United Kingdom/Germany/Austria/Switzerland/France/China

Emenda UK is a UK company that provides software development and test consultancy and tools to customers worldwide. Emenda specializes in the development and testing of safety critical, business critical or high integrity software systems. Emenda resells Lattix products and provides services for Lattix customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

SDC Software and Services

SDC Systems

United Kingdom

SDC Systems is a leading UK distributor of tools and technologies that aid the development of intelligent systems and devices. Operating in areas such as embedded systems development, enterprise software development, software testing and code analysis, SDC Systems have brought together a range of leading products that enable innovation and accelerate development. Backed up by high quality engineering services and support, SDC Systems brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the high technology industry in the UK and beyond. SDC resells Lattix products and provides services for Lattix customers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

ACTL Software and Services


Israel and Turkey

Since 1994, ACTL has played a leading role in SW development methodologies. ACTL provides focused project oriented training, mentoring, and consulting services in Agile model driven architecture and development of mission critical systems. ACTL specializes in combining UML based model driven development with Agile process frameworks to craft flexible and resilient system architectures. Because of our vast experience in agile architecture design and our process delivery methods, ACTL has been able to attract and retain a high profile clientele in the defense, government, insurance, finance and overall industrial domain in Israel and Turkey, but also in Europe and the USA. To strengthen ACTL’s position in systems and SW architecture, ACTL resells Lattix and promotes its usage for architecture management in Israel and Turkey.

Lexingtonsoft Software and Services

Lexington Soft


Lexingtonsoft is a provider of end-to-end enterprise software solutions for software development, testing and quality. They currently service more than 150 client accounts ranging from multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies to mid-market firms with fewer than 50 employees. The partner with companies that develop, affordable, and user-friendly DevOps solutions that are easy to evaluate, procure and deploy. Lexington Soft manages and executes all functions of sales, support and training working collaboratively with their technology partners. Their team is focused on assisting, advising and guiding end users dealing with the complexities of evaluating, selecting, licensing and deploying the right software to ensure their return on investment.



EsonSoft is a provider of software quality solutions and professional services in Korea. Their staff of engineers work to understand the client’s project needs and requirements, and then apply their experience and know-how to deliver professional solutions which will make the client’s solutions more efficient, effective, and innovative. EsonSoft resells Lattix’s products and provides services for Lattix customers throughout Korea.