The Axivion module loads data from the output of the Axivion Bauhaus Suite to enable a very precise and accurate architecture analysis combined with MISRA C, MISRA C++, AUTOSAR C++14, CERT C and CERT C++ defect impact analysis.

Architecture Analysis for C/C++ using Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM)                      Lattix Axivion filter dependencies


In addition to the Lattix key features, the Axivion module has these unique capabilities:

    • Since it uses the world renowned EDG parser which is the best, commercial grade C/C++ parser in the world. It produces highly optimized code and using the parser gives Lattix users access to the complete C/C++ AST (Abstract Syntax Tree). For the first time, it is possible to visualize complex C++14 code constructs such as:
      • Lambda functions
      • Generalized lambda capture (init-capture)
      • Variable templates
      • Member initializers and aggregates
      • Binary literals
      • Contextual Conversions
      • Generic (polymorphic) lambda expressions
      • Function Pointers
      • Extended integral types
    • AUTOSAR and MISRA violations can now be visualized in the architecture. Axivion provides advanced analysis features and up to 94% coverage of the AUTOSAR Coding Standard for C++. Using the Lattix integration it is now possible to visualize AUTOSAR rule violations in the DSM and view the results by color coded heatmap.
    • Company coding standards violations can also be implemented in Axivion and visualized in the DSM using the heatmap.
    • Dependencies between .Net and C/C++ code