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Lattix Architect has at its core a number of unique algorithms which help engineers identify the best candidates for refactoring in their legacy codebase, then manage the implementation within the Git workflow.  This enables fast merging of better structured applications, improved modeling, and faster prototyping of ideas and concepts.

The approach to refactoring at Lattix is different because we focus on architectural refactoring. Most people are familiar with the term refactoring, but refactoring is not constrained to just code. It is applicable to software architecture as well. Architectural refactoring is improving the design of an existing software application. Architectural refactoring changes the structure but not the functionality. Architectural refactoring is more than a technical task. It is about creating a proper case and selling your ideas. Always remember to identify the business value associated with the refactoring effort to justify the cost. This can be increased performance, reduced downtime, faster delivery and time to market, and improved quality. To learn more about architectural refactoring, check out our blog post:

Our refactoring consulting team comprises senior software architects who have both architected software from scratch and also taken complex, legacy monolithic applications and refactored them to make more reusable, maintainable software (e.g. microservices).

Refactor your code to help improve the build, testing, deployment and maintenance of your software. If you need help refactoring an application, we can onboard to your team- we are here to help!

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