CI DevOps

Software delivery pipeline automation coupled with Lattix expert services provides embedded safety-critical software development organizations a stable, scalable, and comprehensive DevOps workflow. This collaboration seamlessly enables teams to manage software architecture, software quality, and drive testing to comply with safety-critical standards.

Ever wondered what 3rd party dependencies you are using in your software?

You can use Lattix Architect in CI to check for unwanted dependencies, security vulnerabilities, and see exactly what is being used and where. Get rid of software of unknown provenance forever!

Have you ever wanted to put your architecture validation and checking on autopilot?

Usually architecture is checked at the last minute, manually. With a CI DevOps pipeline step explicitly checking for dependencies, layering and subsystem rules, checking your architecture is a breeze.

Get a headstart by reusing our team’s deployment-ready infrastructure.

Merge with Confidence!

The Merge Request (MR) contains details of the Lattix DSM, HeatMap, and Impact Analysis report. Rule violation reported in the Code Quality degradation section.

These are automatically generated and visible in the MR, at the developer and Scrum Masters fingertips. Know exactly what technical debt is in a branch, before the Merge!

Achieve Faster Compliance

Enable a complete certification documentation through a DocOps stage that integrates to all quality tools and produces compliances reports at the push of a button.

See our Compliance solutions.

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