Appropriate consideration of software architecture (e.g., modular structure) during design can reduce the magnitude of future validation efforts when software changes are needed.”

Lattix Architect provides direct mappings of the code to the desired architecture, and helps prove compliance to this clause via its innovative patented Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) visualization of the software architecture.

“Software design evaluations may include analyses of control flow, data flow, complexity, timing, sizing, memory allocation, criticality analysis, and many other aspects of the design.”

Use Lattix Architect to generate Control and Data Flow Analysis reports, including Coupling, directly from the Architecture and verify the correctness of the software design.

“A traceability analysis should be conducted to verify that the software design implements all of the software requirements. As a technique for identifying where requirements are not sufficient, the traceability analysis should also verify that all aspects of the design are traceable to software requirements.”

Though a custom integration to requirements solutions such as JAMA, it is possible to map requirements to code AND tests in the DSM, and generate traceability data automatically.

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