Our innovative approach to achieving compliance to Part 6 of ISO 26262 and ASPICE combines architecture analysis, static analysis, test coverage and the automatic generation of the necessary report in a CI DevOps pipeline.  By delivering the Part 6 compliance artifacts in the Merge Request, you can eliminate technical debt.

Table 3 contains clauses relating to the software architecture design which we need to show compliance to. Lattix Architect assists directly with clause 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, and 1e, through its Dependency Structure Matrix and metrics analysis.

Lattix can map test results, static analysis findings, and code coverage results directly into the DSM, giving you a unique view of how your compliance activities are distributed across the software architecture.

Though our DocOps automated documentation pipeline, the reports required for the certification body (e.g. TUV), are automatically generated.

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