Architecture Consulting

Lattix provides software architecture consulting and architecture analysis services. Lattix offers expertise in designing, refactoring and reviewing large complex software applications particularly legacy systems. The right architecture can lead to project success in terms of scalability, modularity and quality.

Developer Training

Train your developer on software architecture best practices with the help of our architecture experts. Developers jobs are constantly changing. With new languages, frameworks and skills to learn, many developers never have a chance to learn how to write architecturally clean code. Lattix offers both basic and advanced training to enable your team to quickly apply the Lattix architecture analysis approach to your systems and get the most from your investments. Training can be customized based on your specific needs, and provided either on-site or via private web sessions.

DevOps Implementation

Lattix can be integrated into a wide variety of environments and extended in many ways. We help advice and implement the use of LDC Command Line utilities to integrate Lattix with your build systems to automatically produce reports, and to set up automatic updates to Lattix Web or SonarQube.