Professional Services Overview

Lattix Professional Services can help you in the following scenarios by providing experienced and seasoned software professionals with a heart and passion for DevOps and automation:

  • Discover your current architecture and devise a roadmap to improving it, e.g. making the code more modular
  • Moving towards a microservices architecture
  • Improving the software build, e.g. if your build is slow, brittle, flaky, unreliable or not scalable
  • Help implement a more rigorous, Architecture-driven software testing strategy based on a prioritization of important files
  • Code Refactoring, to improve modularity, builds, structure and maintainability

Augment your team with a cross functional DevOps oriented engineering team from Lattix that can onboard easily, becoming part of your daily scrums, and helping you to get things done more quickly.

DevOps Consultancy

Our team has cross functional expertise in DevOps, software architecture, automation and testing. Our blended team approach ensures that, should you decide to bring Lattix Services into your project, you benefit from the years of experience we have building quality software at scale. We can help complement your team, with expertise in

  • Software Architecture, e.g. Lattix, Enterprise Architect, Matlab.
  • DevOps, including the full tool stack, e.g. Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins, Gitlab, Hashicorp
  • C/C++/C#/Java development, ranging from entry level to senior
  • C/C++ embedded software testing

Our team is based in the US (east coast), Europe and China, so we are able to provide continuous support around the globe on multiple timezones.

Functional Safety (FUSA) Consultancy

Our team has unparalleled experience in providing leading-edge consulting on functional safety projects, to the Automotive (ISO26262), ASPICE, Medical (IEC62304/FDA), Avionics (RTCA D-O178C), Nuclear (IEC 880) and many other standards. We produce work products suitable for safety and audit submissions, e.g. test reports, architecture diagrams, static analysis and dynamic coverage reports. Here are some examples of the projects our team has worked on:

  • Developing a DevOps, cloud based pipeline comprising best of breed tooling for a US medical robotics company, to IEC 62304
  • Implementing a full CI workflow for an ISO26262 ASIL D autonomous driving project
  • Assisted a rocket company with data and control coupling analysis at architecture level for D-O178C
  • Developing unit tests compliant to the IEC 880 standard for a leading French-based nuclear supplier
  • Software security assessments and implementing a full DevSecOps pipeline with OWSAP, Cert, CWE taxonomies for a medical devices company in the US

Contact us to help you scale your FUSA efforts and benefit from our project experience to deliver faster.

Refactoring Consulting

When it comes to refactoring, we don’t just sing the theme tune, we wrote the theme tune. Lattix’ patent winning software has at its core a number of unique algorithms which help engineers refactor code at lightning speed, within the Git workflow. This enables fast merging of better structured applications, improved modeling, and faster prototyping of ideas and concepts. Our team comprises senior software architects who have both architected software from scratch and also taken complex, legacy monolithic applications and refactored them to make more reusable, maintainable software (e.g. microservices).

Refactor your code to help improve the build, testing, deployment and maintenance of your software. If you need help refactoring an application, we can onboard to your team- we are here to help!

Architecture Consulting

Getting an software architecture right first time is what our team specializes in. Onboard our team to augment your design and architecture team with experts led by our founder Neeraj Sangal- an award winning software architect whose creative solutions will help you create technical wealth through high quality, reusable software assets.

Our blended team comprises software architects with experience in modelling, prototyping, development, implementation and testing. We carefully make design choices with testability, ease of use and maintenance in mind. We work with your existing team and provide expertise in Lattix, Enterprise Architect, Matlab/Simulink, Rhapsody and other UML systems.