Lattix applications can grow in size over time based on use. However, we take pains to reclaim the memory that is no longer in use. This is done by freeing the memory and letting the Java garbage collector reclaim it. This can create a time gap between when memory is unused and when it is freed.

However, there is another important issue that can be misleading. Sometimes users look at memory usage in Windows Task Manager. It can show a lot of memory used by the Lattix Architect process even when the project that was loaded is closed. Note that this does not imply that there is a memory leak. This just reflects a large virtual size of the application when the project was loaded and does not reflect the what the current size of the application is.

Nevertheless, this is an important issue for us. We have fixed memory leaks in the past and so we are always interested in learning of scenarios where you may have experienced this problem. Please contact us if you think that you are running into a memory leak.