Upgrade Lattix

Lattix 11.5 brings you function pointer support, enhanced global variable report and a new data coupling report for compliance with DO-178C and other standards and more!

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Function Pointer Support

Lattix 11.5 Understand module now supports function pointers both in the DSM and usage panel. Allowing you a more complete picture of your dependencies.

Function Pointer Support in Lattix

Global Variable report in Lattix 11.5

Global Variable Report with Matrix

This new report gives you enhanced capabilities to track your global variables in both matrix and tabular formats.

Data Coupling Report

This report will allow you to track global variables that cross module boundaries. This is important for compliance with DO-178C and other standards.

Data Coupling report in Lattix 11.5

Additional improvements

  • Added option to display subsystem names clipped on the left
  • Improved performance of Understand module
  • Improved performance of “Hidden Subsystems” dialog in Lattix Architect
  • Better support for Visual Studio Solution files
  • Lattix Web performance enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in which Export/Import rules was disabled
  • Fixed hang in Lattix Web
  • Fixed order of snapshots in LattixWeb when sorting by data
  • Removed autofill of password when adding new users to Lattix Web
  • Fixed bug in which Null Update showed architecture changes
  • Fixed hang in clang module
  • Fixed lattixarchitect.exe so that is works with Understand 5.1
  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web which caused DSM to fail when there were cell comments
  • Fixed performance problem with Update Report when there are a lot of architecture changes
  • Fixed bug in Lattix Web in which “Delete Snapshot/Project” failed