Lattix Architecture Analysis for Python

This allows you to import Python source code (both Python 2 and Python 3) into Lattix. Once your Python source code is in Lattix, you will be able to:

  • Understand your software architecture based on the dependencies within your software. With Lattix analysis, you will understand your application’s hierarchy and layering. Lattix will also highlight important patterns in your codebases such as areas of tight coupling, cycles, and modules.
  • Fix areas of tight coupling. Areas of tight coupling mean that even small changes can cause unpredictable results such as breaking things in completely unrelated areas of the software.
  • Monitor your architecture to prevent architectural erosion with CI/DevOps.
  • Conduct impact analysis to understand the risk and costs of proposed changes to the software.
  • Measure, track and report on your architecture with key architectural metrics such as system size, sensitivity to change, degree of connectedness, and pairwise coupling

Python in Lattix DSM

Watch our video on how to create a Python project in Lattix