Lattix Architect

Find Architecture Issues Fast

Lattix enables you to quickly identify and remediate architectural issues. It gives software architects a fast and visual way to represent an application’s architecture with the Dependency Structure Matrix technology. This gives insight into how different software layers interact and can identify potentially undesirable relationships that exist in the code. Our desktop base platform integrates with your development tools, making architecture checking a seamless part of your development process. Lattix Architect is the competitive advantage you need to development, build, and test at the speed of DevOps. With Lattix you can:

dependency structure matrix showing architecture issues

LDC Command Line

Continuous architecture analysis

Lattix Build automatically analyzes every build to identify architectural issues early and enable developers to fix architectural issues before they reach production. Analyzing the architectural integrity of large complex applications is a huge task yet vital to ensure the quality of the system. Architects need the reliable, automated solution of Lattix Build to enforce architectures that deliver efficiency and stability of business applications. Lattix Build can easily be integrated into your DevOps toolchain. Allowing you to spend less time worrying about and managing the scanning process. Giving you more time to fix issues.

control flow for architecture issues

Lattix Web

Architecture Dashboard

Lattix Web provides a convenient and powerful way to track the evolution of your projects. It gives intelligence for development teams and architecture to identify problems before they cause damage in production. Accessible from your browser, the extended team can view projects with snapshots of each build and compare trends of changes, architecture issues, metrics, and a variety of other data. Now it is easier than ever to communicate this critical information to your entire organization.

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dashboard showing architecture issues